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Online retailing has gone through an amazing growth in the last decade. People are far more willing to shop from the comfort of their own home rather than going to physical ones which can be miles away. The industry has reached a point were buying and selling online is done very easily within a few seconds. Most of the retailers offer a variety of payment methods and aim to be as flexible as possible. The amazing thing about online retailers is that they have a considerable amount of products which cannot be found anywhere else. You can find anything from laptops, smartphones and tablets to underwear and furniture. Basically anything that can be sold you can find in an online store (expect for food and other easily degradable things). However it is important to know which retailer to choose. Which one offers the best services and which one is the most flexible? When considering all these factors, we end up at Fingerhut (

About the company

Fingerhut started its existence back in 1948 by William Fingerhut and Manny Fingerhut. Initially they started out by selling automobile seat covers and then in 1952 started to diversify and offer towels, dishes and other tools and attempted to reposition itself as a mail order catalog company. Later in 1969 it went public.

Over the years, it changed ownership many times. One time it was owned by American Can Company and its follower Primerica, Federated Department Stores (1999).

Today the company is best known for being an online retailer that also offers credit options. It is one of the few in the world that gives the possibility of making a credit to shop online. All you need is a Fingerhut credit account or a Web bank account. The monthly fees are low so that everyone can benefit from this offer. Unlike a bank, the company does not seek to make a huge profit from the credit. The credit is just to stimulate shopping.

So rather than having a credit with high rates like a bank and discourage people from taking it and ultimately buying products, the company has done something amazing. It basically rents out money to people so that they buy from them.

What do they offer?

Fingerhut offers an amazing range of products (over 30000) and has a huge number of top brands. This means that whatever you are looking for, there is a very high chance you will find it here.

However the thing for which they are well known is the credit option. This was an industry first. In order to increase its sales, the company basically allows people to pay for their products in monthly rates. The credit rates are very low so it is more like a friendly loan. This way the company drastically increases its sales since people who did not have the money at the time can now buy the things they want, and they also gain a small percentage from the credits themselves.

For a complete list of the products offered as well as information about the credit options check out their main webpage

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